Clean and boost your surf wake

The Canadian-made VaderWake plate disturbs the water flow around your boat causing wake volume to increase.


Our Canadian-made wake plate is constructed from Marine grade plastic, using stainless steel hardware, and industrial suction cups.

Tab On Boat With Lanyard

The Wake Plate

2 year manufacture parts warranty
Attach the wake plate to the boat opposite the side being surfed
Wake Demonstration

The Wake

Water flow around the boat is disturbed
Results in a clean wake, boosted in volume, and perfect for surfing

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In The Box

Shipped anywhere in Canada by Canada Post. Includes the VaderWake wake plate, a five-foot lanyard, installation instructions, and a complimentary floating key tag.


Attach the VaderWake plate to a smooth flat surface approximately 13" x 4.5" in size and below your boat's water line.

Surf the side opposite of the VaderWake plate installation.

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VaderWake Surf Wake Plate

249 CAD

Free shipping in Canada
Two year manufacture parts warranty
Non-transferable warranty

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